There is a two-year cycle, which means that Carom members can do an AS year and then an A2 year without repeating activities.

Each year starts with easy activities that assume little in the way of prior knowledge.

As the year goes on, the material gets harder, and by the end, topics like complex numbers come in,
that those not doing Further Maths may need some help with.

It may be that some activities (for example, hyperbolic geometry or wallpaper patterns)
lend themselves to longer investigations over several weeks.
Other activities may be a little short for a lunchtime - as the site develops, these tasks will be adjusted to deal with this.

Powerpoints are fine, but relentless powerpoint can be counter-productive.
That is why each of the powerpoints here contains moments
where the students are set a task to investigate for themselves.
These moments of action rather than contemplation are important,
and give students chance to engage with the material and to play with the mathematics.

The idea is that as soon as a task comes up, the Powerpoint is paused.
If a student working under their own steam wants to go straight to the answer without trying the task,
then all right, but I think they should be encouraged to engage first
they will get a lot more out of the activity that way.