With thanks to…

I have been helped greatly by Wikipedia and its writers in building these activities.
Sometimes people say the quality of the information on Wikipedia is lacking;
I have always found the mathematics pages to be accurate, usually painstakingly so.
I am a huge fan of the philosophy of Wikipedia, and I acknowledge my debt of gratitude to the site.

My thanks also goes to Pete Brayne, Rachel Bolton, Harry Hamilton,
Ian Bloomfield, Sue Nicholas and Jackie Shanahan,
my Heads of Department at Paston Sixth Form College down the years
for their support with Carom and its inception.

My thanks also goes to the Association of Teachers of Mathematics
which showed an interest in an early draft of this site and supported me in its development.

Many of these activities arose from work I did as part of my MSc at UEA,
and my thanks goes to Professors Tom Ward, Shaun Stevens and Graham Everest for their kind oversight and suggestions.

Thanks also goes to my soulmate Maggie, who has been a endless help and source of liquid refreshement (green tea mainly).

But my thanks above all goes to my many A Level students at Paston who have taken part in Carom down the years,
and for their willingness to shoot from the hip over these activities, feedback which improved them greatly.

Jonny Griffiths, June 2014