Does My Denominator Look Big In This?

by Jonny Griffiths

I'm taking a break from the classroom after over 25 years up at the whiteboard,
and I'm using part of the time to write up my career (and in my case, 'career' is an apposite word).
The result is Does My Denominator Look Big In This? and I hope it's an honest account.
I sometimes wonder if I've annoyed, maybe even upset, a few people in the course of my working life.
If I have, then when asked to assess my teaching talents, these people may not have been entirely kind.
In such a situation, there is only one thing for it; to give my side of the story, and here it is.

I've been aided by the fact that I've told a lot of stories from my classroom already, many of which are republished here.
A while back I wrote over 30 maths education articles for the Times Educational Supplement.
I also put together Correlation Street in 2008, a now-out-of-print ebook collection of 24 stories from my classroom,
as originally commissioned by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics.
My grateful thanks goes to both these organisations.

There's maths here, it's true, and if you regard yourself as a non-mathsy person, you can of course skip,
but I've run the text past a number of 'non-mathematicians', and they say that there is plenty here for 'people like them'.
But they also say that when they took the plunge and tried to take some of the maths on,
it proved less daunting that they'd imagined, and I truly hope the same will be true for others.
I hope too you will laugh; I spent much of my time doing this while teaching.
Although young people can sometimes make you tear your hair out, they can also be hugely entertaining.

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