Paston College Mathematics Department Information Page

Fulltime staff:

Danny Hoskin, Further Maths and Maths A Level

Part-time staff:

Jonny Griffiths, Further Maths and Maths A Level, Use of Maths AS
Ian Simpson, Maths A Level, and GCSE

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Details of the Courses We Offer

Functional Skills

Application of Number

GCSE Mathematics (AQA Linear)

Use of Mathematics AS Level (AQA syllabus)

A Level Mathematics (MEI syllabus)

A Level Further Mathematics (MEI syllabus)

Diagram of the A Level Maths/Further Maths course

At A Level we currently offer the modules C1, C2, C3, C4, FP1, FP2, M1, M2, S1, S2, D1 and DE.
As long as certain combination rules are obeyed, three modules will get you an AS Level in Maths, six will get you an A Level in Maths,
nine will get you an A Level in Maths and a AS in Further Maths, and twelve will get you A Levels in both Maths and Further Maths.

Maths Homework Policy

Other Department Initiatives

The Paston Mathematics Challenge
In October each year, we invite our six major feeder schools to send a pair of teams
to do battle for the Paston Mathematics Challenge Trophy.
The event has been running now for nineteen years,
and in that time Aylsham, Broadland, Cromer, North Walsham, Sheringham and Stalham have all won the big prize.
Click HERE for more information.

CAROM (Creative Activities Resulting in Offbeat Mathematics)
Carom is the lunchtime extra-curricular maths group that has been running at Paston for many years now.
It offers a chance to study beautiful maths from off the syllabus for which our packed syllabuses sadly don't allow time.
Click HERE for more details.

Year 11 Mathematics Enrichment Powerpoint
Are you a year 11 student thinking of taking maths at A Level?
Try this Powerpoint file; it will give you a taste of what lies in store.
Written by Pete Brayne.
Please click HERE.

Risps (Rich Starting Points - for A Level Mathematics)
Risps is a collection of 40 Pure Mathematics activities written during 2005-6
as part of a Gatsby Teacher Fellowship by Paston Maths Department member Jonny Griffiths
Please click HERE for more information.

Making Statistics Vital
In 2006-7, MEI commissioned Jonny Griffiths to write a set of A Level Statistics activities.
Over the years, this has developed into a collection of 40 tasks.
The results can be seen HERE.

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