With thanks to…

It was Bernard Murphy who commissioned me me to write the first twenty-five of these activities,
and I am very grateful to him for having the idea; his support and helpful comments throughout were invaluable.
I am also thankful to TAM and to MEI for supporting the project financially and for publishing the activities on their website.

My thanks also goes to Pete Brayne, my Head of Department at Paston College for his support,
for sharing his IT skills with me and for joining in on part of the project.
My thanks also goes to my many A Level Statistics students at Paston,
and for the ever-trenchant feedback they freely supplied on these activities, which improved them continually.

Finally, this site would not have happened without the constant support of Magzi, my better half.
We are talking lots of cups of tea, a number of ironed shirts, and some unreturned conversation,
when my eyes were particularly glazed after an afternoon in front of the computer screen.
I hope this site will prove to be a worthwhile investment of time, mon'amie - many thanks.

Jonny Griffiths, June 2014