Since 2014 I've worked as an online tutor for A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
I've worked for agencies, and also some of the time under the banner of my own company.

I'm a big believer in the online approach; for A Level maths, I think it's preferable to face to face tuition.
Both the tutor and the tutee are in their own homes, and there's often a relaxed confidence that comes from that.
Maths these days requires lots of software, and this can be integrated seamlessly into an online lesson.
Obviously travelling time is thankfully nil for both parties.
Lessons can easily be stored or recorded and then revisited. Group calls are possible too.
There are one or two caveats. The technology side has to be top-notch so the lesson can go forward without even thinking about that.
But once that's sorted, the experience of online tutoring is superb, and it's getting better every year.

My CV covers all my qualifications and experience; you can read that here.

My usual fee is £30 per one hour lesson.
If you would like to book a free trial lesson, please email me at

I'm adding here a collection of comments from my tutees about the experience of learning with me.


I've really enjoyed lessons with Jonny, I feel like I have a deep appreciation and understanding for maths beyond the A-Level syllabus.
During lessons, Jonny consolidates the theory by presenting me with challenges and mathematical problems,
which has allowed me to make synoptic links between areas of the A-Level specification.
Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend Jonny as he is an enthusiastic and helpful tutor. Katherine.

Jonny has a been a great help to me during my transition from GCSE to AS Mathematics.
I really feel that I have benefited from our online lessons, and feel calm and prepared going into my forthcoming exam. Dafydd.

Iíve really enjoyed being taught by Jonny over the past couple of months. Throughout our sessions he constantly encouraged me
and gave me the confidence boost I definitely needed heading into the pressured exam season.
The structure of our lessons were always based around what I wanted to go through in particular
so that we could specifically target and improve my problem areas.
A great tutor overall - extremely friendly and even more helpful for getting me to the level I needed to be. Many thanks as always. Hannah.

Hi Jonny, hope you're well and having a good summer. I got my results today and got an A* in maths! :)
Thank you again for all your help and guidance. Best wishes, Hannah.

Josh has finished his dissertation, he is fast heading towards a first from York - proud mother moment.
I've sent you a copy as you are the only person who can understand more than the title!
Thanks for all the help you gave him with his A levels. Ruth.

Some additional feedback below from students while working on the Spires platform.

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