Complaints about this site

I will take every complaint about anything on this site extremely seriously.

If you have a complaint, I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions;

1. Do you consider that I have infringed copyright law here?

2. Do you consider that I have published anything defamatory here?

3. About whom do you consider I have been defamatory?

4. Do you consider the defamatory words in question to be untrue?

5. Do you consider that the words go beyond 'fair comment'?

6. In your opinion, do I have any legal, moral or social duty to publish these words?

Please email me on with your complaint.

Please in addition supply:

a) your full name and address

b) precise details of the location of the material in question (cutting and pasting the offending words/images would be helpful.)

c) details of the unacceptable nature of any material posted on the website.

I will remove the offending material as quickly as I can, before considering your complaint carefully.
I plan to reply to complaints within seven days.