Jonny Griffiths

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.
I'm Jonny Griffiths, and I work primarily as a mathematics resource designer based in Norwich.
In the summer of 2015, I said goodbye to Paston College,
where I'd taught in the maths department for over twenty years.
Since then I have worked for a number of organisations, including Underground Mathematics,
editing a collection of Review Questions as carefully culled from many years of back examination papers.
I've also worked for Hodder Education on reversioning a set of textbooks,
HarperCollins on writing fresh textbooks,
and for MEI/Integral writing tasks and questions.
I was the originator and author of the A Level maths competition Ritangle launched by Integral in 2016.

I was a Gatsby Teacher Fellow for the year 2005-6,
which led to me writing the popular education website Risps (Rich Starting Points for A Level Maths).
Since then I've also written the websites Making Statistics Vital, and Carom.
Each of these three sites offer forty varied resources, and are free to all.
I've also tutored a number of students online for their A level Maths studies,
and I'm keen to explore the possibilities that new technology is opening up.

I also work from time to time as a writer and a musician.
My first career was with Harvey and the Wallbangers, a vocal harmony group/showband in the 1980s.
In the 90s, I played the character of Stringfellow for four episodes of Playdays.
I've written many maths education articles for the Times Educational Supplement,
and I've also had two longer pieces of writing published;
Correlation Street, an ebook collection of 24 stories from my classroom.
as commissioned by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics,
I've also written The 100-Word Bible, a small book offering a brief tour through the Old and New Testaments
as commissioned by Darton, Longman and Todd.

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