Puzzles for the late GCSE/early A Level Maths student

by Jonny Griffiths

Every Digitiser puzzle starts life as a true statement that includes numbers.
From this the digits 1 to 6 are rubbed out, exactly once each.
They are replaced with six squares labelled a to f.
The task then becomes to put the digits back in again correctly.
So the six boxes need to be filled with the digits 1 to 6
(each digit occurring once, no repeats!) to make the statement true.
There should be only one way to do this each time; every puzzle aims to have a unique solution.

I'm making no claim for originality here; puzzles like these can often be found on Twitter and elsewhere.
But they do seem to engage students fast; they make a great starter, and revise important theory quickly.
They are also fun to write and fun to do.

Simple sample task and Sample task solution

Download the Digitiser pdf for free HERE.

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