I've spent over 25 years teaching maths in UK schools and colleges.

1978: Great Walstead School in Sussex.
1980: St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington (observation).
1980-82: Parkside Community College in Cambridge (teaching practice).
1982: Islington Sixth Form Centre (part-time).
1987-89: St Philip Howard 11-16 Comprehensive School, Tower Hamlets.
1989-90, 91-92: St Dominic's Sixth Form College, Harrow-on-the-Hill.
1992-2015: Paston College.

Writing resources is part of every teacher's career.
I've placed three collections of forty original activities on the three sites below.
These are freely available to everyone.

I've been tutoring students online for a while now,
teaching well over 250 hours over the internet both through an agency and on my own.
If you would like to consider booking me for online tuition, please email me.

For the years 2009-12, I had the rare privilege of working at the University of East Anglia
for my MSc by Research in Mathematics.
I studied with Professor Tom Ward, Professor Graham Everest, and Professor Shaun Stevens.
My thesis title was Lyness Cycles, Elliptic Curves and Hikorski Triples, and it can be found here.

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics published a collection of 24 stories from my classroom in 2008.
These were largely pieces that had appeared as a column in Mathematics Teaching.
This selection was in the form of an ebook, but it's no longer available.
I hope to publish some of the stories again in a different format soon.

I've written many articles for a range of journals on both mathematics and mathematics education.
These can be found below, sorted by journal.

I've occasionally penned a mathematical song for my classes,
the most popular of which has proved to be The Radian Song.
The song on Soundcloud is here.

There is a rougher live version on Youtube, which is here.