My output of original music is on Soundcloud.
There are nine Jonny Griffithses up there at the last count; I am Jonny-Griffiths-13.
My various musical projects can be found directly by clicking on a playlist below.

Once upon a time I earned my living full-time from music, from 1983 to 1987.
We were called Harvey and the Wallbangers, and our Wikipedia entry is here.
I wrote six songs for us that can be heard here.

For the most part, I play instruments that are stringed.
The Reason's You is a collection of my songs for voice and strings.
This group can be heard here.

In 1991, my propensity for playing stringed instruments led to an invitation
to play a character called Stringfellow on Playdays,
a popular children's programme at the time. My songs for him appear here.

In 1993, I visited the island of Iona for a week of music run by the band Lies Damn Lies.
I was inspired as a result to write thirteen songs, each based on a psalm, and scored for gospel quartet.
These psalms can be heard here.

In 2001, I took part in a production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle.
I was asked to write the score, and this became the eleven songs that can be heard here.

In 1993, I wrote a jazz score for a production of A Comedy of Errors.
This came to six songs, that can be heard here.

I've played in a range of bands, playing a range of styles,
contributing vocals, fiddle, rhythm guitar, piano, or string/electric bass.
Below are a couple of songs featuring me on vocals and piano.

Just one of those things (Porter)

Behind my Back Blues (JG)

Below are a couple of songs featuring me on violin and piano.

Inflation Blues (Southern/Alexander/Jordan)

Autumn Leaves (Mercer/Kosma)

There are a number of pieces I've written that don't fit neatly into the above groups.
These Oddments can be heard here.

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