Collected here is my writing that comes under the 'mathematics education' banner.
(My 'straight mathematics' writing can be found here.)

Further Risps
A collection of forty investigative activities for the Further Maths A Level classroom.
For more details, click on the image. Available as a pdf free on this link!

This book has reminded me that it is too easy to teach in a routine way,
doing just enough to help the students through the next exercise.
It offers great questions for students to work on on their own,
helping them gain in confidence and understanding as they do so.
These are often our most capable students,
and and this book will significantly deepen and enrich their mathematical experience.
I look forward to using some of these tasks with my class this year,
and I strongly recommend this book for anyone teaching the Further Mathematics course.

Peter Hall, Mathematical Gazette Review, November 2020

A brilliant book.

Collen Young

A tremendous set of resources.

Mike Ollerton

Also available...
The Proving Ground
An introduction to mathematical proof via forty problems, half of which are resolved and half of which are not.
For more details, click on the image below. Available as a pdf free on this link!

Maths teachers! Stop what you are doing and buy this book now!
An absolutely fantastic new book from the wonderful @therispguy.
Intriguing problems supported by detailed discourse.
A great addition to the canon of mathematics teaching.

Mark McCourt @EmathsUK

Loving ‘The Proving Ground’ by @therispguy; masterclass in how everyone
can at least make a start on the most intractable of problems.
Some wonderful quotes too!


Love ‘The Proving Ground'!
Colin Foster

June 2019; Craig Barton puts out the result of interviewing me for three(!) hours as one of his celebrated podcasts. Click on the image below.

Listening to the @rispguy podcast this morning. Incredibly honest around mental health. It's really great. @TickTockMaths

The @rispguy podcast is really powerful and a must listen,
especially for everyone who has had difficult patches in the profession (so basically everyone!)

Searingly honest, intriguing and interesting session. @berniewestacott

The Type One/Type Two Error Blues
Teaching Statistics, Volume 19 Number 3 pg 77, 1997
(with a related letter from Professor Louis Pingel in the following issue
reprinted HERE with his kind permission.)

Finding Patterns in Simultaneous Equations
Mathematics Teaching, No 168, pg 10, Sept 1999

The Birthday Problem Revisited
Teaching Statistics, Volume 21 Number 3, pg 78, 1999

Power to the People
Mathematics Teaching,No 183, pg 22, June 2003

Phi oh Phi oh Phi...
Mathematics Teaching, No 192, pg 36, Sept 2005

Correlation Street

A collection of stories from my classroom that ran as a bi-monthly column
from December 2005 to November 2008 in Mathematics Teaching.

Some of these stories together with new ones
appeared in the Times Educational Supplement from 2011 to 2015.

Many of these pieces were gathered together into Denominator, a book available below.

Theory Into Practice Goes Exactly
Mathematics Teaching, No 201, March 2007

What are you implying?
Mathematics in School, Volume 36 Number 2, March 2007

A Collection of Forty Open-ended Investigative Activities for the A Level Pure Mathematics Classroom

This collection became a bi-monthly column from March 2009 to November 2011 in Mathematics Teaching.

Risps have also been published in other journals;

Risp 8, Venn diagrams, Losanges, No 6, Oct-Dec 2009
Risp 37, Parabolic clues, Losanges, No 8, April/May 2010
Risp 31, Constructing log equations, Losanges, No 9, August 2010
Risp 3, Brackets out, brackets in, Association de Professeurs de mathematiques de l’enseignement public, Plot, No 38, 2012

Art by Numbers: a collaboration between an Art Department and a Maths Department
Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, Volume 3, Number 3, 2009

Perfect Halving, Bicimals and a Toad-In-The-Hole
with Mike Ollerton
Mathematics Teaching, No 232, Jan 2013

Mathematics Teaching, No 234, May 2013

Value-added or value-taken away?
Mathematics in School, Volume 42 Number 4, September 2013

How Likely is Equally Likely?
Mathematics in School, Volume 42 Number 5, November 2013

Making Statistics Vital
A Collection of Forty Activities for the A Level Statistics Classroom

The Sifter
Mathematics in School, Volume 43 Number 2, March 2014

Mathematics and Madness
Mathematics in School, Volume 44 Number 5, Nov 2015

The Beauty of Mathematics
Times Educational Supplement, June 14, Issue 5098

Mathematics Teaching No

Bath Mat versus Bar Mat
with Colin Foster
Mathematics Teaching, No 241, July 2014

Mathematics in School, Volume 43 Number 4, Sept 2014
(JG was guest editor for this issue.)

A Collection of Forty Activities bridging from the A Level Pure Mathematics Classroom to University Maths.

Posters 1 and Posters 2
Mathematics Teaching

A Conversation concerning Online Tutoring
Mathematics Teaching, No 252, June 2016

Valuing Values
Mathematics Teaching, No 256, July 2017

Five textbooks co-written/edited 2016-2018

AQA Further Mechanics; Hodder Education
AQA Further Statistics; Hodder Education
CIE Further Pure; HarperCollins
AQA Further Pure AS; Hodder Education
CIE Statistics 1; HarperCollins

The Maths Book (JG has contributed several essays to this).
A collection of short articles on the history of mathematics, beautifully presented.
For more details, click on the image.

The Fraction Question
Mathematics Teaching, No 272, July 2020

Cycling in Task Design
Accepted by Mathematics Teaching

Maths on the Underground
To be submitted.

From Rock Star to Superhero
To be submitted.

Journal Addresses

Teaching Statistics
An International Journal for Teachers

Mathematics Teaching
A Journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics in School
A Journal of The Mathematical Association

Association de Professeurs de mathematiques de l’enseignement public

Societe belge des professeurs de mathe´matique d'expression francaise

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
A journal that focuses on connections between mathematics and the arts.

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