Published Mathematics and Mathematics Education
by Jonny Griffiths

The Type One/Type Two Error Blues
Teaching Statistics, Volume 19 Number 3 pg 77, 1997
(with a related letter from Professor Louis Pingel in the following issue
reprinted HERE with his kind permisson.)

Finding Patterns in Simultaneous Equations
Mathematics Teaching, No 168, pg 10, Sept 1999

The Birthday Problem Revisited
Teaching Statistics, Volume 21 Number 3, pg 78, 1999

Equation Solving (introducing Triples)
Mathematical Spectrum,
Volume 35 Number 3, June 2002/3

The Box Problem Extended (presented as a problem)
Mathematical Spectrum,
Volume 35 Number 3, June 2002/3
with solution in Volume 36 Number 2, Jan 2003/4

Power to the People
Mathematics Teaching,No 183, pg 22, June 2003

Periodic Recurrence Relations of the form (yk)/x
Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 37 Number 2, 2004/5
(with a related letter from Nick Lord in a subsequent issue
reprinted HERE with his kind permisson.)

Totally Perfect Siders
Mathematics in School, Volume 34 Number 3, May 2005

Phi oh Phi oh Phi...
Mathematics Teaching, No 192, pg 36, Sept 2005

Correlation Street
(A bi-monthly column From December 2005 to November 2008 in Mathematics Teaching)

1: It is a Tuesday morning...(December 2005)
2: Writing Backwards (January 2006)
3: A Taxing Problem (March 2006)
4: Quote, Unquote(May 2006)
5: You Can't Make Me! (July 2006)
6: Always Read the Question!(Sept 2006)
7: Didn't I teach you something once? (Nov 2006)
8: From rulekit to toolkit (Jan 2007)
9: It doesn't matter! (Mar 2007)
10: Invigilation Poetry (May 2007)
11: The Promised Land (Jul 2007)
12: What's in a Name (Sept 2007)
13. If music be the food of maths, play on..." (Nov 2007)
14. But it looks so simple! (Jan 2008)
15. You have a go, mate! (Mar 2008)
16. The Axiom of Choice (May 2008)
17. Deduction Seduction (May 2008)
18. Pupils' Laws (Sept 2008)
19. Avalanche (Nov 2008)

Could Pi be Three?
Mathematical Gazette Volume 90, Number 517, March 2006

Square Tessellations
Mathematics in School, Volume 35 Number 4, Sept 2006

Theory Into Practice Goes Exactly
Mathematics Teaching, No 201, March 2007

What are you implying?
Mathematics in School, Volume 36 Number 2, March 2007

Pearl Tilings
Infinity Issue 5, October 2007, published by Tarquin
For this and related Tarquin products and special offers see

Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 41 Number 2, 2008/9
(with a related letter from Nick Lord in a subsequent issue
reprinted HERE with his kind permisson.)

A Collection of Forty Open-ended Investigative Activities for the A Level Pure Mathematics Classroom
(becoming a bi-monthly column from March 2009 to November 2011 in Mathematics Teaching)

Risps have also been published in other journals.

Risp 8, Venn diagrams, Losanges, No 6, Oct-Dec 2009

Risp 37, Parabolic clues, Losanges, No 8, April/May 2010

Risp 31, Constructing log equations, Losanges, No 9, August 2010

Risp 3, Brackets out, brackets in, Association de Professeurs de mathematiques de l’enseignement public, Plot, No 38, 2012

Art by Numbers: a collaboration between an Art and a Maths Department
Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, Volume 3, Number 3, 2009

Pineapple Triangles
with Derek Ball
Published in MTi, the interactive online magazine of the ATM, Jan 2010

Lopsided Numbers
with Pete Brayne and students from Paston College
Mathematical Spectrum,Volume 43 Number 2, 2010/11

Dual Rectangles
with Graham Everest
Preprint at arXiv,
Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 43, Number 3, 2010/2011

r = a + 1/a problem
Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 41, Number 3, 2008/2009

The Friendly Circle Theorem
Mathematics Teaching Interactive, No 1, Jan 2011

Times Educational Supplement
(An occasional column from December 2011 to March 2013, 31 articles in total.)

See page on JG's website HERE.

Perfect Halving, Bicimals and a Toad-In-The-Hole
with Mike Ollerton
Mathematics Teaching, No 232, Jan 2013

Mathematics Teaching, No 234, May 2013

Fibonacci-related sequences via iterated QRT Maps
with Martin Griffiths
Fibonacci Quarterly, Volume 51, Number 3, August 2013

Value-added or value-taken away?
Mathematics in School, Volume 42 Number 4, September 2013

Nomo Triples
Mathematical Spectrum,Volume 46 Number 1, 2013/14

How Likely is Equally Likely?
Mathematics in School, Volume 42 Number 5, November 2013

The Sifter
Mathematics in School, Volume 43 Number 2, March 2014

Finding Arbitrarily Many Integer Solutions to the Equation k2-5=t2-5u2
Mathematical Spectrum,Volume 46 Number 3, 2013/14

Journal Addresses

Teaching Statistics
An International Journal for Teachers

Mathematics Teaching
A Journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematical Spectrum
A magazine for students and teachers of mathematics in schools, colleges and universities
and for everyone interested in mathematics

The Mathematical Gazette
A Journal of The Mathematical Association

Mathematics in School
A Journal of The Mathematical Association

Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions, Tarquin Publications

Association de Professeurs de mathematiques de l’enseignement public

Societe belge des professeurs de mathe´matique d'expression francaise

Fibonacci Quarterly
The focus for worldwide interest in the Fibonacci number sequence and related mathematics

Times Educational Supplement
All the news and comment from the world of education in the UK

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
A journal that focuses on connections between mathematics and the arts.

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